Multi-Spectral Mapping

Dusting Drones provides high-quality, accurate and lightning-fast photogrammetry.

Site mapping? we have a multi-spectral mapping solution to suit your needs.

From livestock & precision crop management to site mapping & surveying, we have a photogrammetry solution for you. The security of our clients’ data is our highest priority. Your reports and data are kept safe in secure Cloud servers.
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Spraying costs are going up! Precision spray application is one key to buffering the increasingly higher costs of crop management & pest control.

Mosquito problems? Mosquitos are one of the most dangerous animal pests in the world, killing millions as disease vectors for malaria, dengue, zika and other potentially deadly viruses. It’s a serious problem, so why worry? Consider our mosquito mitigation drone spraying services. We're second-to-none.

Fertilizer, pesticide or herbicide applications? Dusting Drones has you covered.


Seeding costs are rising! Times are hard. Your crop management doesn't have to be.

Dusting Drones stands ready with the precision crop seeding services you need today. Get started on the path to economic recovery and agricultural viability.
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