Cost-effective, precision crop management.
spraying, multi-spectral mapping and seeding services for maximizing crop potential in the agricultural industry

Precision Crop Management

Save money, time and the environment

"we have you covered"

Dusting Drones is your precision crop management, mapping, spraying & seeding “goodbye high operating costs” solution.

Whether it’s the environmental or bottom-line benefits your business needs require today, Dusting Drones has you covered. Pun intended.

Our featured drone services for the agricultural industry include:

  • Multi-Spectral field and crop mapping
  • Cost-effective crop-spraying
  • Pesticides & mosquito mitigation
  • Seeding services.

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Crop Management Concerns?

2022 is here.
Spraying costs are going up! Seeding costs are going up! It’s a crop management logistical nightmare.
Say goodbye to high crop management operating costs!
Dusting Drones is your precision crop management, mapping, spraying and seeding solution.

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Times are hard. Your crop management doesn’t have to be. Dusting Drones stands ready with the precision crop management services  you need today. Get started on the path to economic recovery and agricultural viability.

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